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nike air max 1 junior jd Beginning of the article I quoted Viola seven years, then , indeed , human life is too short, everything is suddenly a dream , and finally turned into a thing of the past , but remember , do not forget to always dream , it is the value of your survival , is the manifesto you to challenge yourself and the world .

A child, I had a lot of dreams I want to be a lawyer, justice for all the victims , I want all those bad guys in jail punished , the time is perhaps the greatest magician , he brings us a rich addition to experience , it has changed my mind , I suddenly felt myself one day maybe the bad guys are not really heinous nike air max 1 junior jd , they are just being blinded by something dark , blinded heart , so I never want to go to achieve a lawyer can not dream , I afraid that they will not face the victim crying , I'm afraid the bad guys in masks peeled off the bad guys that below a flowing tears of remorse face, I'm afraid I can not leave the face of life, I'm afraid I could no longer distinguish between good and evil , be afraid own salvation not others , it can not save himself . Thus, the young and the end of the dream so poor .

I do not love talking with people , but I think there are so many , and perhaps this is God punishing a person the best weapons , give him endless ideas, and countless woes . I do not know as we age, sad it unnecessary rush comes up ? I only knew that he wanted to have a lot of a lot of words to tell, but can not find someone to listen , and so really it was willing to listen to me when those sad , nike air max 1 junior jd but the moment I am dumb , desperate effort , that sadness seems to be against you , hidden dancing in the dark corners of publicity claw , which is perhaps another way of God to punish people . Later yourself accustomed himself, learned to take into account , that sadness will be buried into the darkest corners of the heart , begin , they will resist , scream , and then later , they are silent, and accepted, they finally gave in , and then also unable to pay a little bit of sound. I do not know or do this sad fortunate , fortunate that in the eyes of others I am more of a mystery, not blasphemy ; nike air max 1 junior jd sad thing is I never tell people my way with those sad , I became more silent , but no extricate themselves , become regained himself. Perhaps this is life , bright as fireworks and romance , that moment may disappear but it also gives us unlimited sad and lonely , it seems that good things often have contrasting back too much people have changed .

Leave school for almost two years now , two really good short time , it becomes a memory for some things , while others turned into memories . I often wake up at night scared , dreams are large tracts of lush woods, dense invisible light of day , surrounded by a large group large group floating smoke nike air max 1 junior jd , I kept running, anxious to want to find the exit , all of a sudden there is a ray of light in the place , there is a white boy asked me expressionless face , you regret it? Regrets? I want to tell him the answer, but it can be looked up and did not see the boy 's eyes , and then I was Xiaxing , then that is not the end of the insomnia.

I suddenly can not remember his own in the end you want to be doing , like those travelers endless , never went to the next stop in , wandering without a purpose , there is no reason they deserve to stay down , so they just kept looking find that you can make them leave enough reason to come nike air max 1 junior jd . They are destined to be lonely , soul can not find the end result. More than once I looked at myself in the mirror , is still pure face, just eyes but not the original naive clever, they are so quiet, there is no trace of life . I was suddenly afraid to look at them, I am afraid it is difficult to escape once caught myself just as doomed fate.

I always tireless and others talking about my student days , those beautiful green years , we always easy unreserved pay, desperate chase, those times too many secrets buried us , that accompanied time to grow shy , ambiguous emotions are growing the most beautiful notes. A time only , always fleeting , something became the past, some time has been quietly forgotten, we have separate lives , separated by thousands of miles away , we never tired way together nike air max 1 junior jd , those who love friendship between collapsed , we can not do anything . If I can, I want to be able to slow down time to leave , I want to put your smile and all those youthful moments carved down, carved into my heart, but I know it is a luxury.

Too bad this thing is good growth , good is that you never know what will happen next , so you will maintain the anticipation and excitement , the bad thing is that you came to realize that in the long run those times once the happiest , Unfortunately you never lose it. Perhaps this is life , pain and happiness , you must unconditionally accept all the world to bring you harm , then grew up fearless .

I seem to feel that they lost a lot of things, like a dream , like youth, such as the time ......

I hid in a drawer of the three photos , one is a photo of our more than 50 people , one was four of us little time , nike air max 1 junior jd and the other was a secret ......

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